Towering Bridge

London does have some of the best bridges in the world. A combination of old and new, there are none more magnificent than Tower Bridge in its elegant and solid structure, a time machine taking us to the turn of the 20th century, and combined with a feat of engineering in its suspension capabilities it offers the essence of juxtaposition in the architectural design of London town.

Tower Bridge as seen from the Top of the Shard

Tower Bridge as seen from the top of the Shard. Its iconic status cutting through all other London Bridges.

So even though it has been photographed a million times before, by better photographers than me, I cannot resist adding to the vast archive.  And will continue to do so every time I walk past or on it with my camera. Its irresistible, and in taking photographs of the same subject matter it offers the opportunity to push the boundaries of creativity; in composition, use of light and use of Photoshop skills, to name a few.

Tower Bridge, London

Classic Tower bridge Composition

Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge with added reflection using Photoshop

Or maybe it’s just me?


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