Top 10 – not so obvious – London Photo Spots!

If, like me, you have photographed the London Eye or Big Ben to death (and don’t get me wrong, I will still always take a photo when I walk past) but you perhaps fancy sourcing some more unusual locations to photograph, I have compiled my own top 10 to give you some inspiration..

These are not in any particular order:

1. Kyoto Gardens, Holland Park: I must confess I have yet to go there, but from the photos I have seen it looks amazing. A Japanese style garden with a waterfall? what is not to love? Bring your ND filter for some great water effects! I’m heading there this Saturday (photos to be posted soon!)

2. Up the O2: Now you can’t take your dSLR but the views and experience are still worth capturing on your iPhone camera!

3. Top of the Shard: Do it soon, before it gets done to death, like all the rest  of the popular vantage points.  The views are staggering!

4. Greenwich Cable Cars: Lovely views, and fun ride! Plus, time it right, and you can get a shot of the Shard between Canary Wharf and the Dome.

5. Gordon’s Wine Bar: Notoriously busy and popular, you will need to go during the day, early afternoon ideally, armed with a gorilla pod for long exposure shots – the only bar that is more cave than bar (that I know of) in London, it can offer some amazing shots!

6. Thames Barrier: London’s main flood defence, it’s world’s second-largest movable flood barrier (after the Oosterscheldekering in the Netherlands).  Nothing else like it, plus there is a very nice park at the north side. Good for moody post apocalyptic/industrial shots.

7. Brick Lane: Great for street art and street photography – full of fun and weird people, market and graffiti,  plus an unbeatable 24 hour bagel bakery 🙂

8. Greenwich & Woolwich Foot Tunnels: Open 24 hours a day, they offer many opportunities for spooky/atmospheric shots!

9. Inside Tower Bridge: Take photos from the inside where you’ll be able to capture magnificent views over London from the walkway between the two bridge towers.

10. Eltham Palace and Gardens: Forget Hampton Court, Eltham Palace is where it’s at! First of all, you get two palaces for the price of one. The remains of the Tudor palace which includes a bridge over the moat, as well as the impressive Great Hall. (and of course the impressive art deco property by Stephen Courtauld).

Hope you find some inspiration in these suggestions – if you have any of your own recommendations please let me know – I am always searching for new places to shoot in London!


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