Marianne Knight is a keen photographer who lives in London and loves to explore the city for all it’s unique photographic opportunities and challenges it offers. With such a vibrant and varied city you could spend an entire photographic career based here and never run out of  inspiration. But sometimes, we all get stuck in a routine, and find ourselves occasionally stuck for ideas even in such a vast city, or need some inspiration on locations, vantage points, techniques, walking routes etc, so Marianne decided to start this blog as a way of compiling as much information as possible that photographers would find useful in photographing London.  From permits to unusual London spots, to information on unusual vantage points, secret pathways and everything else in between, this blog hopes, in time, to chronicle it all.

And in her spare time Marianne also loves traveling (partly as an excuse to take photos of new and interesting places and partly to try new and interesting food). Her passion for photography is only matched by her passion for cooking (and eating!). Some of the travel photos will also make it on this blog but the real focus on to create as in depth a guide as possible to all London related photographic opportunities.

Marianne also also loves taking pictures of really small things. Her skills and focus on photography are constantly evolving and when not out shooting, she is usually found in front of her mac, researching, learning and posting London photography information on this blog.

She is currently obsessed with Photoshop and aims to publish at least one tip a week.  She is also learning Adobe Lightroom, InDesign and Illustrator, so watch out for future tips and tricks on these too :).

Marianne is currently saving up to travel the world for a year, camera in hand.


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