The Hitchhiker’s Handbook

Brilliant and truly motivating, if not envy inducing, blog about living life filled with travel, exploration and adventure. Breaking away from the shackles of our own making, the artificial importance we place on this ambiguous notion of security (must have job, must burden myself with mortgage) and really showing how we should all approach life. I wish I had appreciated the fact that I am my own guard and prisoner, it is your perspective that holds you back, your own stories whirring through your mind that become gospel truth. I am hoping to break away from that thinking and truly embrace a life that is far less restrictive by my own perceived can and can’t dos. Step 1: get rid of mortgage. Step 2: unshackle mind from consumer trappings. Step 3: grab camera, travel. And no, I am not biased because I came second in the travel photo competition, though that was lovely 🙂