A Tourist in London?

It is with some reticence that my first post in over 3 months, would be featuring aspects of the great capital that have ostensibly been photographed to death. This blog was a means of exploring not only different photographic techniques but also to show off London locations that moved away from the usual and over photographed locations that can stifle the amateur photographer.


That said, these photos were taken during my sister's first visit to my hometown, and like re-watching a film with a friend who has never seen it before, I experienced these familiar attractions almost as if for the first time, seeing this wonderful town with fresh eyes, which renewed my enthusiasm for once again photographing places like the London Eye, Houses of Parliament and the like, and I felt like tourist in the place where I live. It was a great opportunity to reawaken some of the wonder that we often lose when the unfamiliar becomes everyday and to renew appreciation for the things we take for granted.


Exploring these notions in terms of photography, the light, the equipment, our experience and mood, will always produce different interpretations and outcomes of the same material, just because you have photographed a subject or object once or even a few times before, does not mean you have exhausted it.


The day I went out with my sister, the sky was filled with broken clouds adding a great sense of drama to the shots, altering the mood and feel of the photographs and, through my increased knowledge of Lightroom and processing techniques, I felt as if these shots offered something different to ones I had taken before. Now, for sure these are not the most original in terms of vantage points (I was doing the standard first time tour with her after all) but nonetheless, I was pleased that with not overthinking about applying new interpretations, the shots came out better than if I had tried too hard to not reproduce the same as many others have done before.


I guess it reminded me that sometimes you don’t have to overthink or be put off by locations you have been to before, take your camera, take the shots and you may be pleasantly surprised by the outcomes; especially when your expectations are low. At least, this is my attempt in justifying this post 🙂 More posts to follow, and much sooner than in 3 months’ time!